Tuesday, June 2, 2009

名古屋へようこそ!--Welcome to Nagoya!

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my Nagoya blog, where I'll keep you up-to-date on my latest adventures as a summer missionary in the land of cherry blossoms and tiny cars.

As of today, I have been in Japan for 3 days. I have spent them getting acclimated to the time change and familiarizing myself with the city. I also attended church my first morning here, since I arrived on Saturday night. Meeting people in the church community and sharing a meal with them after the service was lovely. On Monday I got to enjoy a few sights in Nagoya with the help of Linda, the missionary whose apartment I am currently sharing. She didn't let me off easy, though--we drove big circles around the neighborhood and I had to tell her how to get home. Eek! It was hard, but I appreciate the orientation of the area that it gave me. I snagged a few pictures later in the day, which I'll include soon in a photo post.

Tomorrow I will sit in on my first English class and meet its members, as I'll soon begin helping with the teaching. I have to admit that I'm a little nervous, but it will be fun to actually jump into the swing of things, so to speak.

For now, I'm tired, so I'm off to bed. 読みのをありがとう。Thank you for reading. おやすみなさい。Good night!

[A small note: If you notice the posts below, just know that they are from my study abroad in Hong Kong a few years ago. They have nothing to do with my current exploits, but feel free to read them if you'd like.]


Penny said...

Hi girlie!! I'm glad you arrived in Nagoya safely. Keep those blogs coming!

Love you!

Aunt Pen

Kevin said...

Dear Daughter, People are asking for a snail mail address for you. Perhaps you can post it on your blogazinski. Love, Pa