Wednesday, December 12, 2007

shock and awe.

I'm done...? Oh my gosh, I'm done!! NO MORE TESTS. YAY.

Thankfully, my Chinese test was much less intimidating that I expected. If things go as well as I think they did, I probably even have a good shot at an A in that class. Yesssss. I'm aiming for all A's this semester--we'll see if art breaks that goal, but that's so subjective, who knows?

I'm quite happy with being my level of productivity today, too. I made sure my time for dorm checkout is okay, sent in some paperwork to my professor, turned in a library book, and emailed my academic adviser at Peppertown about opening an advanced Japanese class for me. Those things didn't even take that long, but they'd been hanging over my head all the same. The satisfaction of checking things off is delicious.

Hm... speaking of checking things off the list, I need to do more Christmas shopping soon. I seriously have no idea how I'm gonna get all my stuff plus my presents back to the USA. Part of the problem is the length of my list, but I just love all these people! Probably I should give a bunch of my clothes to the Salvation Army, since they have a donation box on campus. I could also buy a small suitcase.

And yes, I am completely stoked to come back to the States. One of my buds here hooked me up with Nat 'King' Cole's Christmas album, and I'm listening to it right now, feeling pretty much as sappy and nostalgic as is humanly possible. AHHH! I am so looking forward to listening to this properly in my living room with Grandma Clara humming along while Mom cooks in the kitchen as Dad and I work on a crossword. I know there'll be reverse culture shock and jetlag, but I'll still probably explode with happiness to be back in such a familiar place. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth living room! (with family included, of course. :])

Merry Christmas, everybody! :D

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