Sunday, September 9, 2007

I need your grace.

I felt kinda crappy last night. I don't know if that came across in my entry or not, but it's definitely true. After talking and thinking, I've decided that even though all the classes and new people and new experiences are overwhelming, I'm not going to let them beat me.

I could lay around in my room and feel sorry for myself, which would be more than easy to do, but I refuse. It's time to grow up one more time. I will take care of myself by exercising regularly, eating well, praying often, and accepting things easily. No more of this pity-party crap.
God loves me, I love me, and that should be enough fuel to get me going each day.

In keeping with this line of thinking, I'm going to go swim now, and then swing by the library to do some reserve reading for class tomorrow. Life doesn't have to be as dramatic as we like to think, thank goodness!


J said...

It is WONDERFUL that you realize that what will carry you through is your reliance on God.

That kind of attitude will bring JOY and PEACE for the rest of your life.

It is true pleasure to read your blog. You know i am proud to be the mama of such a fine young woman.

Penny said...

Girlie - your ability to self-examine and reflect, along with your faith in God will carry you through the difficult and joyous times in your life.

What a wonderful adventure you are on.

You are in my thoughts daily!

Love, Aunt P